This is a post that is far too long overdue! Bike for Boobs, & Testicular Cancer awareness campaign.

Good evening everyone, Apologises for the lack of post.

I want to start this long overdue post by congratulating my little blog page. It’s been a little over 12 months, since I written. ‘My first blog post – Here I am’! 

Wow , time sure does fly, when you are having so much fun. Right?

Well of course it does, But that’s not strictly, why I’ve not posted up for so long, non is it because I’ve been so busy, (which is also true and I will be talking about later in my post) but the real reason was: My Cancer didn’t go away, like I was told it had. The skin cancer on my face was still very much apart of me.

The only way, I could/can deal with this little set back, was/is to not talk about it; only telling a handful of my family & friends, and just throwing myself into work mode, have treatment, another little operation and just hope for the best.

My scar from operation on January. Photographer Stephen Sheridan
I would love to say, that the doctors got all the cancer out, back in January, (when I had the operation), but the truth is, I need to have another little operation in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed, hopefully this time the doctors will cut it all away once and for all and I can celebrate in style.

January, Straight after my operation, Seen Bike for boobs take on 150 hours long, non stop spin-a-thon challenge held in Tesco St Helens, & Prescot, with the help of a few amazing people.

Sorry Chris my ladies love a bit of chest 😝but sure was all fun and games image by Stephen Sheridan
As you can see we had lots of fun with our ambassador Chris humphries 😜 photographer Stephen Sheridan
 Photographer Stephen Sheridan

I would say, it was the hardest challenge, I had every done. (More Mentally challenging than physically). It was also difficult to sleep in our breaks, both Karen and myself ended up with very sore bottoms too! 

Karen trying to sleep but she was still riding the bike in sleep (sorry doll had to be done) 😝

After our Spin-a-thon had finished, we set ourselves another challenge, which was to come up with a campaign for testicular Cancer awareness month in April. We got to work.

Working around the clock for the full two months, only having  a few hours off, for us to present a cheque to the Burney Breast Unit at St. Helens Hospital.

Presenting cheque
Attending our two hours spin-a-thon that we held:

Our 2hours spin-a-thon held at Dw sports St. Helens
Along with attending  the launch season of pro cycle teams Madison Genesis:

Karen and myself with team members and our ambassador Johnny Mcevoy
and the all girls team Matrix.

Karen, myself with Laura Kenny (trott)

Our Testicular campaign seen the Bike for boobs team take ten amazingly brave men to a studio in Manchester, for a semi-naked photo-shoot..

Behind the scenes,

In which Seen these brave men become the face of our Campaign that was launched just before April in Tesco St Helens.

Testicular cancer campaign

It also features on the back of 12 Buses and in the St Helens rugby football match game programme on the 7th April.

On the back of buses
In the St. Helens rugby programme
As the saying goes hard work sure does pay off ( very proud moment for both Karen and Myself)

Before I sign off. I would like on behalf of bike for boobs, give a massive thank you to all the amazing models:

Dave Gaskell, Ian Parker, Ian Conway, Mark ECcleston,  Neil Prescott, Mark Glynn, Steve troughton, Mark Ashton, Jordan Clarke and Steve white.

All the sponsors:

Tesco, Thatto cycles, bike you like, Saint community foundation, Boudoir Chique 😊, Kevin humphries coach4bike, Dw fitness and Stephen Sheridan.

Your support means a lot to both Karen and myself guys. 😁

Until nest time

Have a bless week

Lots of love



Hopeless, holiday season & last blog post of 2016

It’s official I am hopeless and once again I am needing to apologise for the lack of blog posts over the past couple of months. 
I would so blame my lack of post on being super busy, but the truth is, apart from being a little busy I have been galavanting. 

But before I do go in to my adventures. I want to share the now famous traveling tesco bag for life silly story with you fabulous readers. 
For the last few years Angela (my friend) and myself have always taken a beach bag each on our holidays, only for us to end up sharing just the one bag for the full duration of our trip. 
Well as some of you will know from my last blog post. Angela and myself was on our last holiday of 2016 together back in October.  

Now let me rewind a little to before our holiday to packing the suitcase, for the trip. We both had the same idea, which was not to take a beach bag this time around. 

Bare in mind both Angela and myself hadn’t spoken before hand so I thought Angela would take the bag and angela thought that myself would take the beach bag. Leaving us both beach bag less, that we ended up using a tesco bag for life the full two weeks. 

Bag on the beach are the famous beach bag 😜

We then decided from that trip. The tesco bag for life would become our mascot and where ever Angela or myself would go on our next holiday breaks, the bag would come along too.

Which leads me nicely to my next adventure, and yes beside the bike for boobs top being packed the tesco mascot was too. 

Packing the tesco mascot for my next adventure.


This next trip was a 8th birthday treat for my little lady muck lils ( my niece) and Andrea ( my sexy sister) to Disney land Paris. This also being my sister’s first time out of the U.K. Too. Which made it extra special for us all. 

At the airport ready to leave for Disney land
Arrived at Disney land Paris

At this point each one of us was so excited to see the princess castle. 

Princess castle

Can you spot our mascot at Walt Disney studios? 

Walt Disney studios
Princess castle at night

We even got to see the Christmas trees being put up for Disney magical Christmas too. 

Christmas at Disney

My lady muck wanting to drive around and see all the Christmas trees in the Coca Cola van. 

Lils in the Coca Cola van

After an amazing time in Disney land it was time to go home and get ourself ready for Christmas. 

 Before I got stuck into the shopping and the celebrations myself. It was time to throw myself in to bike for boobs,  as karen Jarvis and myself had a two hour spinathon held at Dw sports St. Helens to organise.  

Karen and myself ready for our two hour spinathon

In which was a massive success, we even had Father Christmas take two hours out of he’s very busy schedule to help bike for boobs raise funds. 

Father Christmas at bike for boobs spinathon

As well as professional cycles like Johnny Mcevoy, Ryan & Tom Ashcroft  

Johnny Mcevoy

Ryan Ashcroft
Tom Ashcroft

Ex professional rugby player Paul Wellens   Also attended too. 

Paul Wellens

Along with a lot more amazing peeps That give their time to us. 

Group shot at the two hour spinathon

With all the amazing work bike for boobs team have done in the first couple of months of being. We have raised an staging amount of money.  

Money raised in just two months of bike for boobs.

For Burney  breast unit St. Helens hospital, breast cancer now and Steve white. 

Without all the support bike for boobs as had, this amount of money raised, would not be possible so on before of bike for boobs, I personally  want to give you all a massive thank you for the support given, as you have also helped me to look forward to seeing the future of bike for boobs grow as big as it can be to help more people that’s going through different forms of cancer. 

Karen and myself along with a few others attended applebys reunion in between Christmas and new year,  which was to raised funds for Steve white. 

Already ready for our evening out.

Wearing our handmade ribbons with pride too. 

Before I write off and carry on with making ribbons on this last day of 2016. 
I just want to wish each and everyone of you beautiful souls out there a wonderful, happy & healthy 2017 and remember you only get one life, so make every moment count, regret nothing and shine like the diamonds you all are! 

Make the most of the next chapter of your book (life)

Until next time 

Happy new year

Lots of love



Bike For Boobs and Cancer Awareness Month! 

Hi everyone, 

How are you all doing? 
After what as been a phenomenal amazing bike for boobs week (which I will be talking about in a little more detail, later in this post) I have taken a well earned break with friends, to a little town called gumbet in turkey. 

Starting off at the airport with a glass of champagne. 

Angela, Tracey, Shiley and Myself

A few days into our holiday, we booked in to one of our favourite restaurant called divers. Which is location in a very small side street.  

Divers Restaurant
Angela and Myself having a few drinks before we headed out for our lovely meal.
Angela is wear a dress from new look and I am wearing a two piece lace overlay crop top and skirt from little mistress. I just love this outfit so much so, that I can’t stop wearing it. Both top and skirt that I am wearing is a size 16.

 I feel this two piece is true to size in both top and skirt; because being lace and me being a little top heavy, I thought the top would be a little small in the 16 so I sent for both 18 and 16 and I didn’t need to try the 18 on as the 16 fitting me like a glove.

Image taken in Northumberland I just wanted you all to see the two piece in all it’s glory.

Enjoying our evening with food, wine and great company. 

Fine dining.
As you will know from my last blog post it is breast cancer awareness month and the birth of bike for boobs that I am ever so proud off. 

Our logo

Bike for boobs come about because firstly, October is breast cancer awareness month and and secondly, as you will know from reading my blog.

I have fought different forms (breast, cervical and skin) cancer over 21 years. 

Karen Jarvis one of my best friends fought, won and finally put into remission earlier this year from breast cancer. 

Karen and myself

We wanted to do something different than, just give money or do makeovers-photoshoot to a number of charities. We wanted to fun raise not just for established charities but also for people that are not fortunate enough to work and support their families, whiles going through bad times due to ill health. 
So Karen being a cyclist and a best cycle instructor and me being in my own words queen of best cycle (trying not to miss a spin class ever) come up with the idea to come to Karen’s three classes in a pink bra. 

I was all for this pink bra wearing, until I remember, that I would most definitely obtain black eyes and put other riders in the class of working out. 

So after talking with the other instructors Kim O’neale, Jacqueline Mather’s and Sue Wilson, who was very much interested in getting involved and doing something in their classes too.  

Karen and I sat down and come up with bike for boobs. Where all the instructors and Myself would wear anything pink for 15 classes meaning a week long event. 

People was starting to hear about our plans and wanted to get involved in someway. So we as a team decided to invite members from Dw sport gym in St. Helens. Where the pink wearing event was taking place to join us in wearing pink for the week, and boy did they surprise us. 

one of karen jarvis classes
one of kim oneale classes
one of jacquline mathers classes
sue wilson class
another one of kim oneale classes
another one of jacquline mathers classes
another one of karen jarvis classes
another of kim oneales classes
another of karen jarvis classes
another of jacquline mathers classes
jacquline mathers class
amazing fancy dress in jacquline mathers class
outstanding finisher in kim oneales class

We made breast cancer ribbon, so that any body who donated would be given a little ribbon that was made with love by myself.

hand made ribbon


We had prizes for the best dressed.

best dressed winner damain with karen

another best dressed winner ann- marie with karen
yet another best dressed winner dave with karen
again another winner tony with karen
over all winner had to go to ste for impersonating our very own kim oneale picture with kim too.
We danced, which you can see on our YouTube channel, along with the slow dancing.

kim and clifford slow dancing
We did a spin off, laughed and celebrated at the end of the week with cupcakes made by my babe cake, Claire Formby.

We just had the best fun filled week that seen everyone come together to help make awareness and raise some funds that Karen and myself had decided was going to go to the Burney breast unit at St. Helens hopsital after they have helped both Karen and myself. 
I was very sad to not have make the last three best cycle classes in the uk. Due to me flighting out to turkey, but as you would of seen in my airport picture. 

I had to support all the way to the very end. In which i so did with a massive smile on my face, when I found a bike here in the hotel gym and was able to join in, in the last classes all the way from turkey. 

showing my support and spinning in turkey
After what I would call a massive success raising awareness and just over £400 in 15 best cycle classes (five days) 
Kim O’Neale come up with the idea to continue fun raising to the end of the month by doing a raffle. Which will now start to run from 17th October until the end of the month (31st October) and will be video drawn on the 1st of November.

Anybody wanting to obtain tickets. (which will be £2 a strip or 3 strips for £5) Could see any of the bike for boobs team. I most stress we do have some fabulous prizes to be won. Which will be announced shorty. Good luck everyone. 
Lastly I would like on behalf of bike for boobs team take this opportunity to thank everyone that as supported, donated and helped in anyway they could.

With Special thanks to Dw sports For allowing us the use of the best cycle room, Steph Hughes for her amazing video camera work and the rest of Dw staff for looking after us so well. 

To the bike for boobs team members, Kim Oneale, Jacqueline Mathers, Sue Wilson and Karen Jarvis. (The best, best cycles instructors around) Without you guys, bike for boobs couldn’t have been as successful and Karen and I wouldn’t of decided to turn bike for boobs into a registered charity to help more people and charities around. 

Until next time, thank you for reading

Lots of love

Angelica xx

Cancer Awareness Month and Diversity within the fashion industry.

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and living life in the fast lane ;).

Before I go on a mission and talk a lot about diversity within fashion.
I just wanted to share a few things with you.

October is fast approaching. Which only mean 1, I’m going on holidays (yippee) and 2, the big one, It is Breast cancer awareness month..

So from Monday 3rd October, Karen Jarvis, Kim O’Neale, Jacqueline Mather, Sue Wilson and I are turning the Dw sports, St Helens, Best Cycle room into a bike for boobs pink paradise event.

Our charity poster.

Every class throughout the week will see us lovely ladies dressed in pink to help make awareness along with a few little surprises,

All we ask for, along with members of the gym, opting to wear pink themselves in support, is a little donation.

To which will go to the Burney Breast unit at St Helens hospital.

Where they have helped millions of people along with Karen and myself.

Can I Please, pretty Please ask you gorgeous women out there, to shake your boobies and get them check too. Thank you.

I wanted to also say a massive well done to everyone that supported Jeans For Genes last week too (23rd September 2016).

Me wearing jeans for genes

Now what is the meaning, Fashion?

Stated in the Oxford Dictionary.

‘It’s a popular or the latest style of clothing‘.

Would you say that fashion is:

A powerful media communicator; That is used for the good, to promote individuality, that helps with self esteem through creativity and diversity?

Hell Yes 🙂 …

It’s wonderful to see high street brands amongst influential designers embracing diversity within their personal creativity!!!

Oh how I would love that to be ever so true.
Unfortunately, this as not been the case, for far to long.
It’s one of the reason why, The brilliant ‘Models of Diversity’ as been campaigning for the past 8 years.
Mods, Promotes using models that do in fact reflect the diversity in our society, in race, shape, age and ability.

Before I go on talking more about diversity in the  fashion industry.
Could I just state a few facts, that I have researched.

According to: ‘Disabled Living Foundation

‘There are over 10 million disabled people in Britain alone.’

I’m not to keen on these NHS terminology. Seeing as I’m a healthy ‘Plus Size’ in my own eyes. However:

‘1 in 4 British adults is obese according to:  The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.’

The 2011 census analysis:ethnicity and religion of the non – uk born 

‘Showed that almost half (46% 3.4 million) of the foreign-born population identified with a white ethnic group.

A third (33% 2.4 million) identified as Asian/Asian British and 13% (992,000) identified with Black/African/Caribbean/black British.’

I have linked the websites where I have gained the knowledge to the information regarding the facts and figures.
As there is a lot more information on them sites.
I think/hope you can all see where I’m coming from with these little findings.

The fashion industry should be ashamed of themselves.
When looking at facts and seeing what is represented in the industry.
It’s shockingly sickens me that in this day and age we are still behind the times in bringing diversity to the UK fashion world.

We are all human being, that want to look and feel fabulous in the garments. Weather thin, fat, petite, tall, race, age or ability.

I‘d like to stress, In no way am I trying to discriminate here.
I just want to point out the lack of diversity in the main stream top brands.
So lets take a little look at High street brand ‘Topshop’  that did showcased their range at the biggest UK fashion event of the year.

London fashion week.

Image screenshot from Topshop. 
As you can see from the image, Where is the diversity here? How would a curvy girl, or a petite person, see what the outfit would look like on them? Someone in a wheelchair for instants could not tell if the outfit would be wheel chair friendly too.

You would think, being a high street brand. Catering more for the general public, they would of used more diversity in their show.

Because lets face it, we are not all in the standard category.

Let me show you just what a diversity fashion show looks like..

Ahead of  London Fashion week. Models of diversity took to the runway, at the old Spitalfield night market in London. To blow the cobwebs away and show not just the UK, but the rest of world. Just how phenomenal it is to showcase diversity.

Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images


Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images

Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images

Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images

Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images

Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market _ Photographer IGROOVER images
Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market- Photographer iGROOVER image
Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images
Models of Diversity Fashion Show Spitalsfield Market – Photographer iGROOVER images

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! Wow wow wow. How amazing, this is definitely the kind of shows that us the general public want to see. As we can relate to each and every beautiful abled body models on that catwalk.

To follow the phenomenal work Models of diversity are doing check out: or if you would like to gain the confidence in front of the camera. Then check out the workshop that they have coming up in London next month.

Models of Diversity Workshop poster

For now thank you for reading.

Lots of love

Angelica xx

Holidays and sickness!!

Hi everyone.

First of all – an apology!

For the lack of post. I have spent the last 6/7 weeks holidaying, suffering with glandular fever and just working hard.

Way back in June, I finally got to celebrated my good fortune (cancer free) by spending two fabulous weeks on the Greek island of Corfu (Gimari) With friends and I can honestly say, I let my hair down and recharged my batteries.

Angela and I on the plain
Our drinks on the plain as we are soo worth it. Yummy
Our view
Angela, Shirley and I
Thinking we are the best at bat and ball ha ha
Our last picture before we left for home.

I was only back a few days, before I was off on my travels again. This time it was to the beautiful Northumberland. Where most of the views takes your breath away and one of my favourite seafood restaurant (Mizen Head) is.

Stayed in a stunning cottage for seven wonderful days and nights not very far from Bamburgh Castle and where Grace Darling is laid to rest.

Bamburgh Castle

Grace Darling memorial stone in Saint Aidan Church.

Saint Aidan Church

Alnwick castle isn’t only a castle it is also used as a stately home. It is seat by the Duke of Northumberland build following the Norman conquest owned by Henry De Percy.

The Castle was also used in an episode of Downton Abbey too.

Alnwick Garden, from the poison garden, humpty dumpy, rose garden, the water fountain, to the massive  tree house.


Alnwick Castle

 Alnmouth Garden

The poison Garden

Humpty dumpy
Water fountain
At the top of the garden looking down.
In the rose garden
Water Fountain



Tree House

Both Castle and garden just blow me away. I felt like I was in a fairy tail and I would highly recommend you go and spend the day there. You would definitely not be disappointed.

Boat trip to the Farne Islands bird sanctuary. Which is part of the National trust organisation and most famous for the Puffins. We also got to see the gray seals along the way too.

Farne Island


The Seals on root.


Baby bird

All tho the birds are so lovely to look at,  it’s very nosey on the island.  I would suggest some ear plugs as well as wearing a hat just in case a bird poo’s on one self.

Next up was Warkworth Castle which is a historic site in the town of Warkworth.

Warkworth castle

After walking around anther beautiful castle it was time to get some sand under my feet and walk along the stunningly  beautiful Warkworth beach.

Walking along the beach
Craigside house in Rothbury was Built into a rocky hillside above a forest garden was the family home of Lord Armstrong.  It was also the first house in the world to be lit using hydroelectric power And as featured in Bbc 1 Britain’s hidden heritage programme.

Once again craigside house and garden is owned by the national trust organisation.

craigside house.

the bridge ine the garden

Wooden owl in the garden

log face
Craigside house and garden is  a must go to place for a fabulous day out.

We just about had time to fit holy island in before it was time to head back to reality.

I really don’t know why but Holy island reminded me of my Mother, in a strange kind of way. Maybe its because of the name of the place. I just don’t know.  Anyhow I felt at ease.

Lindisfarne Castle is located on the holy island.

The castle is located in what was once the very volatile border area between England and Scotland and sits on the highest point of the island.

In Early 1900s, the castle became the property of Edward Hudson,  the owner of Country Life magazine. Until the National trust took it over in the mid 1900s.

lindisfarne castle
The parish church of st Mary is a historic site. It is the oldest building and only building that retains work from the Saxon period On holy island.

the parish curch of saint mary the virgin

Church grounds

church grounds
As my wonderful week in Northumberland ended I come home to be greeted by glandular fever that kept me bedridden for over a week.

Like always you couldn’t keep me down for long and then I was away again this time taking my nieces, one of my brothers and father, to Wales and the well known seaside Blackpool before  the littlies one went back to school.

selfie before dancing the night away.

In the club waiting for the music to start.

loving the fair

posing with the rabbit in llandudno


omg my ice cream is bigger them me!

hmm think it time i get a real one now!

As you can see. Life is for living and I’m sure as hell doing that…

Until next time thank you for ready.

Lots of love

Angelica xx

Body Shaming Part 1


Hi everyone, I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend and helped, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth celebrate her 90th birthday in some form.

I would like to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday on facebook, twitter, Instagram and of course, thank you to all my family and friends for my fabulous treats.

I sure was spoilt.

I did not do anything on my birthday itself apart from two spin classes. However, I did indeed got out for a couple of meals at the weekend with friends. Which was so lovely, as the weather was so good we got to have a glass of wine or two in the lovely sunshine before heading to the restaurant Ariete.

Wine for two at The swan in Winwick


Karen and I posing outside in the sunshine before heading to restaurant



At the restaurant Ariete Newton Le willows

Do you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance?

I mean:

Magazines constantly offer us tips about how to lose weight “within a few days,” appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide our “imperfections”… without actually knowing anything about us, as individual people.

Comedians so frequently use overweight ‘bodies’ as the basis of their jokes.

These are just examples of ‘Body-Shaming’ and it is everywhere. In fact it feels like it’s becoming the norm for us.

We as a nation even criticize parts of our own bodies, because may it be Magazine, Tv or Generally out on the streets, It’s drummed into us that we shouldn’t be happy, healthy in our own skin.

Which leads me to ask:

Do you think Messages from the media outlets and people shaming one another, often implies that we should want to change, and that we should care about looking smaller, slimmer and tanner?

Well I used to think yes to all of the above, until very recently and here is my story.

As long as I can remember, I feel like I have been trying to prove my worth to everyone.

Why you ask?

I have always been a natural ‘big girl’ and as a pupil in a not so big junior school.

Can you guess which one is little me? Also must say I have taking this picture from social media Facebook.
As you can see me as a small child (natural big girl)  with my oldest baby niece.

I had to endear ‘Body Shaming’ A form of bulling, with name calling like Fatty, Porky Pie, Pig, Chunky Monkey, Rolly Polly the list is endless. Oh and not forgetting I had to listen to the song ‘Who eat all the pies’ being sang about myself.
I would like to point out even back then, all those name calling etc cut so deep down inside of me. It made me feel like I was so worthless, and if the truth be told, I carried these names along in my life journey.


Secondary school. Pretty much the same, with the added bonus of me being that one child that no-one wanted on their team in sport class, due to the fact I was a little over weight.
I even remember this one time in classroom, our teacher asked what we all wanted to be, when we left school. I hated that question from the get go, because my answer was ‘I am going to be a model‘ which really didn’t go down well with my class. In fact it made the entire class erupt into a fit of laughter. One student replied with ‘You’re too fat to be a model’.  Again this hurt deep down and make me want to fight back. I couldn’t physically move because I was so upset and fighting back the tears at the same time. Not wanting to give them the satisfaction of seeing me so upset, I just held in the pain I felt.

A few days after the class room incident. I started thinking that one day people that ‘shamed’ me throughout my childhood would regret stating their comments, because I would show them and prove the hater wrong.

In the year of 95 aged just 17. My life turned upside down, and inside out because it was the start of what felt like a life sentence, and as you all will know from my first post.

Almost 21 years of going through different forms of cancer.

Breast, Cervical and Skin to content.

To me I feel like it was the cancer and all the name calling that I received, that give me the pushing power needed to become the model I once longed to be.
However, It become no more a dream of mine to model, because now I had points to prove.

The first being to shout down the haters ( Body Shammers)

The second was to show myself and other fellow cancer sufferers that I much not give up, I must fight and show the world that just because cancer had hit me. I was still beautiful and there was still life in me.
In addiction I ended up proving the points, as I become a model (glamour model) mostly published in U.S.

The years that creep up and the constant battle of both the body shaming and cancer, finally won over me.

Deed down in my heart of hearts all the hurt, pain, frustration, etc, overwhelmed me. I felt less like a woman due to a hysterectomy along with the start of the self loathing, Calling myself fat, ugly, worthless and just not feeling that I was good enough for anything.

My weight as been up and down for many years (yo yo person some may say)
I even become so desperate to losing the weight, I went to extreme measures; like doing the cabbage dirt, oxo diet, lemonade diet to name a few.

Along with diet pills. I even did the ‘will my crash diet kill me’ for channel 4, but the truth was all the crazy diets, the exercises wasn’t going to help me lost the weight, As the different forms of medication, I had to take to treat my illness was stopping me.

Depression had well and truly kicked in. My illness ended my modelling career , I left the gym I was attending and as you could imagne, my cofindence become non existent. I totally hit rock bottom and couldn’t see away forward.


Until part 2

Thank you for reading.


Angelica xx


Afternoon tea! 

My feet haven’t touched the ground Since:

(1) I obtained my fabulous news (being cancer free)

(2) Posting my first blog.

I bet you are thinking,  I have been partying like a rock star?

Well The truth is, I just have not had the time too.

Apart from Thursday that is, when I got the most lovely surprise invite (by my lovely friends Anita Thomas from Sour frog and Angel Thomas from  Pawabella ) to have afternoon tea at the town hall with the Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Liverpool.

Afternoon Tea


Photography by Angel Thomas


We then had the pleasure of a grand tour of the stunning place and took selfies on the ‘famous balcony‘.

Photography by Anita Thomas



The best think for me was:

The Crystal chandelles. They definitely had the WOW factor.  (Think I was drooling over them at one point).

photography by Angel Thomas

I was definitely in awe of the place.

As the tour come to an end, we had just enough time to have one more pictures together before we said our goodbyes.

(My dress is lovedrobe From Simply be with a saving of £24 at the moment you would be mad to miss out) 

Until next time, when I will be talking about ‘body shaming ‘.

Thank you for reading.




My First Blog Post – Here I am!

I have decided to join the rest of the universe and start a blog.

Why you may ask?

Well, after almost 21 years of fighting the most terribly evil thing known as CANCER,  I was lucky enough to finally be put into remission on the 4th May 2016 and I would like to share my new journey with you all, if I may..

I don’t know  if I will be any good at this, but I am so ready to give it a whirl and see how it goes!

So for now. Hello world, here I am, and I’m ready to get this started.

Upon hearing the most phenomenal news I became an emotional wreck; you may well wonder why.

Well it’s because I’ve gone through cancer for so so long, it’s been the biggest pain in my bouncing bombs (boobies for people that don’t know me yet)…

It’s been a massive part of my life; it’s been the heavy set of chains that have been holding me back and preventing me from living out my dreams.

So yes bewilderment, disbelieve, shock, the ‘what ifs’, happiness, to name just a few.

The news hit me like a wrecking ball; in fact I think I’m going to be on an emotional roller coaster for the next few months. However, I am SOOOO ready for my new life-chapter!

Models of Diversity calling the day after the good news was the most mind blowing insanely crazy thing ever!

Me being me, I took the bull by the horns so to speak, and instead of just doing the ‘same old same old’ kind of photo shoot, I went above and beyond and what you are about to see helped me finally fall in love with me again.

Going back to nature and feeling free as a bird! 

Photography by Ed Igroover


Photography by Ed Igroover

Get ready because here I come! 

Photography by Ed Igroover

As I look at these amazing images once again I feel overwhelmed, because I really didn’t know my own emotional fortitude !

Until next time thank you, thank you, thank you so much for reading.


Angelica  x

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